I thought I was wrong…but it turned out I was wrong, performance at AEAF, Adelaide, 2010

A month long live performance!

Basically, I sat in bed in the gallery for a month and typed shit on my laptop nonstop and it got dataprojected above my head. I did not talk. I only talked via typing.

I typed whatever I wanted. The audience were requested not to talk to me, via a poster. I told fortunes and guessed people’s clothing brands. All via typing and making snap judgments.

It was hard to look audience members in the eye.

Mars Bars were left on a seat for people. Unbeknownst to them, they were purchased by me from the Reject Shop.

They sat in the dark and watched while I typed.

Thanks to an article in the Adelaide Advisor, I got a stalker. A man from Bowden. He tried to get into bed with me, on two different occasions. I finally broke, and told him to go away, using my real voice.

I now have about 400 pages of word document typing from this performance. It’s drivel. Alot of it is personal drivel though, as it’s much easier to be open with complete strangers.

I thought I might print it out and vaccuum seal it and turn it into a footstool.

This performance was bought to you by Doogie Howser, MD.

AEAF Catalogue Anastasia Klose

I left a blank book at the front of the gallery so people could write their responses to the performance. This turned out to be an inspired move, as many people wrote in the book. They needed a right-of-reply after being blathered at in silence by me.

Audience Feedback

-My Mom gave me this notepad for xmas. She wants me to be positive. I’m a natural born cynic. I appreciate what you’re doing. No one else has done it. It is a beautiful concept, and I wish I was sober and could stay to read every word you write. Alas I am among the night devil that calls my name. You inspire me. Thank you. Don’t stop. Mollie from New Orleans. PS I look forward to more of your work. I will google you ha ha. But seriously THANK YOU.

-I hope you were joking about Satellite of Love sucking, it’s my favourite song of all time. Harriet. 

-I hate jazz too.

-Weird Unit!

-I came here after the physio (stress), and this has been an additional release. As for being wrong, we’re in this together I think.

– Happiness is knowing you are right, don’t you think? Katherine.

-I loved what you wrote. About your Mum. Lynne. 

– Why are you using a Mac? Macs suck arse, Lol.

– Get out of bed and do something with your life.

-Hello. What a strange experience. I felt all kind of things I wanted to say 2 u. It was like being in an ad. Thanku 4 the experience. Remember to breathe.

-(2nd page of letter. I’ve lost the first)….We only have now. You are living now. Sorry if I’m ranting. But my mom taught me to live for NOW! Trisha from Canada.

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