Text on ‘I can’t stop living’, 2012

I can’t stop living!

Text for an exhibition at Gertrude Contemporary, 2012

Anastasia Klose

One day I woke up and I realised, ‘I can’t stop living’. Sometimes it is a surprise to wake up in the morning, because you think after feeling so bad the night before, you may not make it through the night. But then you wake up, and it’s another day. You get up and make a cup of coffee. And then you get on the train and go to work. And you keep on living. Animals, also, can’t stop living. Many cats, for example, keep right on living after many bad things have happened to them. Sometimes they live in a cat shelter, sometimes they live on the streets and other times, they belong to someone cruel or neglectful. Donkeys also keep on living, after they have been abused or abandoned. Sometimes they don’t, but sometimes they do. Donkeys do not run from abuse; they are not flighty animals. Instead, they endure suffering stoically, and this can make their lives particularly unfortunate.

Most of us don’t choose when to die, so in the meanwhile, I can’t stop living. I also can’t stop dying.

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