About Today…

Having just woke up (5 minutes ago, I am still in bed), my immediate thoughts centred upon how I have to stop eating wheat, wondering what I would eat instead and how hungry I would be, and whether or not I was getting a cold. All this took place in about 5 seconds. I then reflected on this, and realised that if I were to keep on living successfully in the world, I would have to wake up thinking about better, richer, more meaningful thoughts than this. Not one thought was connected to another human being. Thinking about wheat, and how to avoid it, won’t keep me alive on my deathbed. Or perhaps it will.

Bu then I immediately checked my emails on my iphone and my friend had sent me a funny video. This was ok. It was a group email. A little boy was being played Nirvana as he slept in the backseat, and he wakes up playing air drums. It was quite cute I suppose. Youtube has been fully mined by me and my friends, and there’s little to see except the strange/wrong videos. So well done to him for finding new content.

At present, the magpies are singing outside, and the highway is busy. I can tell it’s grey, eventhough the curtains are closed. I must cross the highway and go to the shops over the road to buy vegetables for my breakfast. It’s been raining, and the washing is on the line. It won’t dry today. The house is very quiet. The others will be out, doing Pump classes or at work. I just heard the cat bells jingle from my bed. He probably hasn’t been fed his dry breakfast yet.

The gradual death of my attention span has meant I can’t read my recently purchased book, “The Secret Life of the Grown up Brain”. It really is a secret life, and will probably remain so, as far as I am concerned.

What a day, so far!

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