The Re-Living Room, 2 month long performance for Primavera, MCA, Sydney

Early in Feb, 2012, I got stuck on an idea for a performance. I wanted to recreate that feeling one gets when one sees someone trying to dance in earnest, someone who is not a very good dancer. It’s fascinating to watch. One night, when I was waiting for my bus, I noticed a young woman dancing through the windows of a bar. She was gently gyrating and trying to look appealing in a sincere way. There was no irony about her dancing – she was trying to dance well. This was making her appear very vulnerable. I couldn’t stop watching her; she looked quite awkward but she kept going. I watched her until my bus arrived.(This is a great example one of those memories that hang around, and I never know why they stick, until they end up being ideas for artworks).

For the Re-Living Room, I wanted to be that girl. I wanted to give people that experience of watching someone dance in earnest. I also wanted to try and dance like Beyonce. I also wanted people to watch videoclips from the past. I also wanted to re-live a period of my past where I sat on the couch for a couple of months avoiding life and dancing to video clips. I also wanted… well, alot of things.

So I danced for 6 hours a day, every day for 2 months, in the MCA, to video clips of female popstars. People could come in and sit and watch my dance, or watch me sit around texting people. I was living life on the stage.



I permanently injured my knees in week 3. My knees swelled up to balloons for weeks. Some days all I could do was sit. Any movement caused me pain. I just had to get through it. (Now I can no longer kneel , squat or run. I hope this sorts itself out.)


So many good times! The people who danced with me, and made me smile. You know who you are!


If you visited – thank you.

Photo credits: Installation view, Primavera 2012, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
Image courtesy Museum of Contemporary Art Australia
© Anastasia Klose
Photograph: Alex Davies

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