Artist Fee as Pineapples

Performance for Parlour Project at 13 Rooms, May 19th 2013, Pier 2/3, Walsh Bay, Sydney


An evening in which I threw my $500 artist fee away to strangers in the space of five minutes.

After my initial project for Parlour was pulled due to OH and S concerns, I was keen to do something quick, easy and effective that would have no problem passing through the censors. So I decided to give my artist fee away as a performance.


While I threw five $50 dollar notes at strangers with a fan blowing behind me, my accomplice, Jodie Franco, moved around the parameters of the crowd and handed out the remaining five $50 notes to strangers, stating “This is a gift from the artist Anastasia Klose”. When individuals expressed confusion at being given $50 randomly, Jodie soothingly instructed people to take the money and enjoy it. By the end of the five minute performance, ten $50 notes were handed out.

It’s nice to be given money by a stranger and it practically never happens. People are seemingly unwilling to take money as limits of protocol and proprietary are tested – the uncomfortable feeling of taking free money conflicts with the lovely feeling of winning or being chosen. While the banners for the Commonwealth Bank hung behind me in the giant barn of pier 2/3, I was giving it away. It was a funny, moving and strangely polite performance.

Thank you to Jodie and Heath Franco and to all those who looked on.

Curated by SuperKaleidoscope and funded by Kaldor Projects

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