Nanna, I’m still searching, Venice Biennale 2011, pop-up performance for ACCA

IMG_1940 IMG_1957 IMG_1961 IMG_1976 IMG_1982 IMG_1996

In 2011, 6 years on from ‘Film for my Nanna’, I restaged the ‘bride searching for a groom’ performance at the Venice Biennale, and on the walkways of Venice. This time, I actually wanted to get married to someone, specifically a european,  so i could get a visa to live abroad. I really wanted to get married in Venice. Unfortunately when I looked into the possibility of marrying a stranger, I saw that you have to stay in Italy 30 days before you are permitted to marry. I couldn’t afford that. So I just walked around as a bride and spoke to lots of different people.

  1. Anna your bride film is my favourite piece of yours. I’ll be coming back to the popup shop soon to get tshirts! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks Keryn! I’m glad you enjoyed that work. See you soon.

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