I like to make work about the experience of living in this (fucked up sad sometimes happy) world. I like to make money and be honest. I like to take risks and be nervous. I have done performance (‘underperformance’), drawing, photography, installation, videos, t shirts, sculptures, a dog park. I like words in art, I like playful art, I like art that means something. I like to have something to say, I like to surprise. I am interested in the destruction of capitalism. I am also interested in saving companion animals from the pound and streets. Art should contain the whole world, not just be a picture to sell.

My mother is artist and academic Elizabeth Presa. We talk continually about art. She is probably the only person who really believes in my abilities as an artist, in a deep down, deepest bedrock of my identity kind of way. I love the way she thinks. She is a brilliant artist and thinker.

I did a degree in philosophy and English from Melbourne Uni sometime in the 90s and also got first class honours from VCA (drawing) in 2005. Since then, I have shown in lots of Australian galleries: ACCA, PICA, MCA, Artspace, GOMA, other places etc etc. I showed at Art Basel HK in 2014, too.

I am represented by Tolarno Galleries.

Mum and I watch 'In the toilets with Ben', video/DVD, video still, 2005

Mum and I in 2005, watching ‘In the toilets with Ben’ video.

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