Personal Nightmare

MMum: What a great blog, darling. Don’t worry if no one reads it and google search engine ignores it. Hang on, what am I watching?

Me: Me having sex in the toilets at art school!


What are you looking at?

What are you really looking at?

My attempt at Big Art and my own personal nightmare. A Pink Modular Staircase containing videos on monitors with a concrete lamb, and a plastic owl from Bunnings.

It’s now in the basement in pieces, warping. I look at it and remember the trauma of the install. I thought I was going to do a Serra and accidently kill someone with it. It remains an albatross around my neck.

The idea came to me at work one day, in the office, doodling on a piece of paper, as these things do. It was constructed in a barn in Bacchus Marsh by a man. The birds lived inside it. There is swallow shit and caked-on straw all over the wooden beams inside. I left it in there for the show. It’s all still there, just mouldering in the basement years on. Its a wonder it didn’t get burned down in the bushfires of 2009. In many ways, this would have been preferable.

Notes on “Together” video, 2011

 My mother and I danced at Southland for this video. We danced to Olivia Newton John’s song “Magic”. On the day of our filming, my mother and I went to Southland, and purchased matching dresses. We put them on in the toilets in Southland, and then did our dance, all while being filmed by my little sister, and her boyfriend.  After our attempt at dancing, we then returned the dresses and got a refund. Then my sister’s boyfriend drove us all home. The video took about 40 minutes to film – and what you see in the video is exactly what happened.

 The making of this work was highly fraught. Southland denied my filming request, so we had to film on the sly. I had also hired a choreographer to help us come up with an easy routine, but Mum absolutely hated doing the dancing lessons. The whole thing was a nightmare, but I was committed to it for the exhibition at GOMA, so I had to do it.