The Red Carpet


This is a 10 metre long by 1.5 metre long text drawing about a man I fell in love with. I wrote on it everyday for months, in very small writing, in dry pastel. It was all I could do, as I was caught in the grips of love, that very powerful emotion, and could think of nothing else. Apparently these feelings are the same as a cocaine high – it’s all chemical in the brain. Making this drawing was like knitting, and also like mental witchcraft. I felt like I was casting a spell, putting my desperation to work in a tangible, material way. The work is called The Red Carpet because, when you love someone, you ‘roll out the red carpet”. I liked the idea of him walking all over my drawing, walking all over my words, as if he were walking all over my feelings. I also liked the idea of making money out of my suffering.