2005    Honours in Fine Art (Drawing), Victorian College of the Arts (V.C.A.)

2004    Bachelor of Fine Art (Drawing), V.C.A.

1998    Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and English double major, University of Melbourne

Selected Solo Exhibitions/Projects/Performances:


Miss Spring 1883, a performance at the Spring Art Fair 1883 in Melbourne


Farnsworth’s Republic for Dogs, an offlead dog park/dog installation, on the grounds of ACCA


I can’t stop living, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

I can’t stop living, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, curated by Jacqueline Doughty, Melbourne, Australia


Refuse to Lose, curated by David O’Halloran, Walker st Gallery, Dandenong, Australia

ACCA pop-up program, 3 day performance titled “Nanna, I am still searching…” at the Venice Biennale Vernissage 2011, curated by Juliana Engberg, Venice, Italy


The Poverty Show, Tolarno Galleries, Melbourne, Australia

I thought I was wrong, but it turned out I was wrong…,month-long performance, Australian Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia


The Happy Artist, Tolarno Galleries, Exhibition Street, Melbourne, Australia


The Shortest Straw, Apartment, St Kilda Road, Melbourne, Australia


Anastasia Klose – The Best of…, Spacement Gallery, Watson Place, Melbourne, Australia


Selected Group exhibitions / Art Fairs:


Menagerie, ACCA

Art as a Verb, Muma



Art Basel Hong Kong


Melbourne Now, curated by Max Delany, National Gallery of Victoria International, Melbourne, Australia

Artist Fee as Pineapples, performance for 13 Rooms Parlour, curated by SuperKaleidoscope

Narracje Festival, curated by Rob Garrett, Gdansk, Poland

Bloodflowers, curated by Theodore Wohng, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Sifting Through Plastic Gods, curated by Michael Georgetti, VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia


Primavera, curated by Anna Davis, MCA, Sydney, Australia

Like, curated by Toni Bailey, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, Australia

All you need is love, curated by Bronwyn Johnson as part of Melbourne Winter Artspace, Domaine Chandon winery, Coldstream, Australia

Aiva Festival: Angelholm International Video Art Festival, curated by Rob Garrett, Angelholm, Sweden

Contemporary Australia: Women, curated by Julie Ewington,Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Brisbane, Australia


The Kiss, performance, Lorne Sculpture Biennale, curated by Julie Collins, Lorne, Australia

Selectively Revealed, 26 October – 11 December 2011 – Aram Art Gallery, Seoul
.18 February – 13 May 2012 – National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, Taiwan.
 4 June – 21 July 2012 – Chulalongkorn University Art Space, Bangkok, Thailand. Organized by Asialink and Experimenta, and curated by Sarah Bond and Clare Needham

Telepathy and Love, curated by Veronica Kent and Sean Peoples, Spanish Apartment Barcelona, and Westspace, Melbourne, Australia


Art in the 21st Century – the first decade, Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA), Brisbane, Australia

Mortality, curated by Juliana Engberg, ACCA (as part of the Melbourne Festival), Melbourne, Australia

TWMA Contemporary, selected by Jan Minchin,Tarrawarra Museum of Art, Healesville, Australia

Gestures and Procedures, curated by Juliana Engberg, ACCA, Melbourne, Australia

Art#1, curated by Juliana Engberg, Shepparton Regional Art Gallery, Shepparton, Australia

Duettos, curated by Dom de Clario, Australian Experimental Art Foundation (AEAF), Adelaide, Australia

Feminism Never Happened, curated by Robert Leonard, IMA, Brisbane, Australia


Why we do the things we do, curated by Jacqueline Dougherty, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), Perth, Australia

I’m worst at what I do best, curated by Tom Polo, Parramatta Artist Studios, Sydney, Australia


Flux Capacitor, curated by Rosemary Forde, Meredith Turnbull and Jess Johnson, Utopian Slumps, Collingwood, Melbourne, Australia

New Millenium, curated by Steven Alderton, Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, Australia

The 2008 Sydney Biennale, online venue, curated by Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, Sydney, Australia


New07, curated by Juliana Engberg, ACCA, Melbourne, Australia

Thanks Duchamp!!, collaboration with Elizabeth Presa, Cite International Des Arts gallery, Paris, France



Winner of the $15000 Prometheus Visual Art Award

Shortlisted for Georges Mora fellowship

Selected Bibliography


Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria publication, 2013

21st Century: Art in the First Decade, edited by Miranda Wallace, Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art (2010)

Contemporary Australia – Women, ‘Anastasia Klose’ by Emily Gray, Queensland Art Gallery/ Gallery of Modern Art, p. 100-103 (2011)

TV and videos:

2011 Goma interview

2011 Anastasia Klose is profiled in Art Nation, ABC 1.

2009 Anastasia Klose featured on ‘Artscape’ television program, episode 1 ‘Starry Starry Night’, presented by Andrew Frost, ABC 1, April 2007

2008 ArtInfo interview Anastasia Klose

Newspapers, Magazines, Websites:


Stephens, Andrew, Faking it – for very good reason, The Age, 12 December, 2013

Performa Magazine:


MX Sydney_Anastasia Klose photo story_21 November 2012_p5

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Harbent Gill, ‘Klose encounters of the absurd kind’, Herald-Sun, 23 March

Anastasia Klose, ‘New 07 interviewed’, Contemporary Visual Arts and Culture Broadsheet, p.19 (Anastasia Klose is also on the front cover), volume 36, no. 1, March

John Bailey, Nothing to Hide, The Age Sunday “M” magazine, March 18th, p. 31

Anne Lim, ‘Hello’, Weekend Australian Magazine, March 10 – 11


Simon Gregg, ‘Melburnin’ -Top 10 exhibitions of 2006’, Trouble magazine, December 2006, p. 9

Edward Colless; ‘Undiscovered – Our Rising Art Stars – Anastasia Klose ‘, Australian Art Collector, April 2006, p.130

Meghan Backhouse; Around The Galleries, The Age, Saturday 26th February,2006

Public Collections:

University of Queensland. The Prometheus Foundation.

Anastasia Klose’s art is also held in numerous private collections around Australia.

  1. Lisa said:

    Hi Anastasia,
    Any chance I can contact you to discuss an idea?

  2. Hello There,
    My MFA adviser reckons you rock and she keeps suggesting that I check you out. I have looked up some of your work on the interweb but if you have the time or inclination I’d love to meet you some time and speak with you about your art..
    Thanks Gaby

  3. St Esclarmonde said:

    dear anastasia, i am a fulltime mum and obsolete nobody living on the periphery of melbourne and i was just wondering what it was like to be a real artist. i have been trying to find out how to contact you but i cant find you on facebook. i would be thrilled if you could contact me. love your work-it’s so cool. robyn

    • Hi Robyn,

      Thanks for your really kind comments, but I am sure you are not an obsolete nobody! I am sorry it has taken me so long to respond. 😀

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