This and other Farnsworth drawings were exhibited at ACCA for the ‘Menagerie’ exhibition, 2014-15. Curated by Juliana Engberg.

  1. martin said:

    hey anastasia, just saw your interview on inside art, about your project ‘the kiss’ – wow – that made me smile, super sweet, and pushing the personal. I don’t know your work, do you have any shows on at the moment? and are you looking for volunteers/victims?! ha…… it reminds me of sophie calle – do you like her work?
    there’s a humility, and curiosity about your work that feels fresh, and playful.
    hope its going well for you….

    • Hi Martin, I do like Sophie Calle’s work alot. Thank you for the lovely thoughts about my work. And yes, I will let you know if I am looking for a volunteer. All the best, Anastasia

      • martin nahon said:

        just saw your post about you & your mum dancing in southland 🙂 cool!…. you must also be a fan of gillian wearing – her show at whitechapel last year was great… her exploration of public vs private is really amazing, so many layers… is that what you are exploring? is your website the best place to check out your work? sorry, don’t mean to be a pain – too many questions… i’m just interested by people doing interesting work. cheers, Martin

    • Hi Martin, yes I usually post things on this site. I try to keep it updated to let people know what is happening. Yes, I do like Gillian Wearing’s work. I make work about things which interest me at the time. Usually, I am just interested to know the outcome with an idea, and this drives me. Thanks for your interest. 🙂

  2. Lawson said:

    Look at you!

  3. Dear Anastasia, next year, AEAF will be showcasing 16 performance artists (including individuals and groups) over four nights from the 27th to the 30th August 2014 inclusive. Some will be by invitation and some will be by an open call for submissions. While we don’t have the funding yet to invite interstate artists, I am making an application to Australia Council in early March next year.

    If you are in Australia between the 27th and 30th August, and interested in coming to Adelaide to perform at Australian Experimental Art Foundation, will you please email me


    and we could discuss further

  4. Megan said:

    The knock off shop has easily been the most entertaining experience of my week. Particularly when observing a group of young male adolescents viewing the work – ‘ooh hey ladies.. Oi bro check out these chicks, this is what I’m talking about forget all that other art shit! Dude I don’t get those tshirts tho…’

    Perhaps they should have read your lovely guide books!

    Anyway thank you 🙂 By the way is there anyway to see the video you made in response to Andrew bolt??

  5. Hi Anastasia
    I am part of Coalesce ARI a MFA arts collective out of RMIT.
    This year we are putting on a number of artist talks and would like to invite you to talk about your practice.
    We are able to offer you a fee for your time but need to know your availability as soon as possible. We hope to make this a fun, interesting and inspiring event and would love for you to be involved.
    We have also contacted Tolarno to try and get in touch with you.
    Hope to hear from you soon to discuss this further.
    Gabrielle New

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